Supported Butterfly Pose (supta Baddha Konasana)


Lie on mat with bolster, pillows, and or blankets under your back and head for support. Bring the soles of your feet together, knees point out to the sides (as shown). Relax into pose and stay 3-10 minutes while breathing deeply.
Benefits: opens groin, allows lumbar to rest.
Contraindications: none


Dvipada pitham (two-footed pose)



This asana is great for practicing coordinating the breath with movement. Knees bent, feet pushing firmly on the mat, raise the arms and hips together as you inhale.

(Be careful not to compress the neck, use your shoulders as a base & tuck the chin before rising)


Coordinate the arms, hips, and the breath.
Gently bring the arms and spine down one vertebra at at time with the exhale. Repeat 6 times.
Benefits: Stimulates the hips, tones back muscles, stretches the spine, strengthens the legs
Contraindications: Neck injury


Extended high kneeling & goose posture series

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Emphasize the inhalation and breath hold after inhalation.
Begin in high kneeling pose with hands extended with a deep inhale, hold for 1- seconds. Gently exhale as you bring the forehead to the mat and hands meet at the lower back. Slowly inhale as you rise and bring the body forward into table pose (knees below hips, hands below shoulders) hold breath for 1-2 seconds. Make sure the back is straight. Then, exhale back to the last pose with forehead on the mat and hands behind the back. Repeat X 8 focussing on coordinating the breath with your movement.



This is a brhmana (tonification) practice used to gradually build energy.





Begin standing straight, lengthening up through spine, neck and top of  head. Exhale


Straight Tree Posture



Inhale bringing hands up overhead and lift up onto your toes. slightly lifting the chin.

Repeat about 8 times while progressively lengthening inhalation with breath hold after inhalation. Lengthen the breath hold from 2 to 6 seconds.

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