Seated Wide Legged Straddle (upavistha Konasana)



From staff pose (dandasana), open legs wide. Place your hands behind your body on floor leaning back slightly and open your legs as wide as is comfortable. Pressing hands firmly into floor, gently bring buttocks forward along the floor to help widen legs even further. Thigh muscles are engaged, feet flexed, toes pointing up. Press legs down into mat, reach out through heels. Keep spine long and straight, walk hands forward (do not let the back round). You may only move forward inch or two, don’t push too far. Lengthen the spine with inhalation and deepend bend on exhalation. As you come deeper, reach arms to the sides and clasp your big toes with your thumbs and first two fingers. Elbows bent out to sides, torso long, gaze forward and bring chin to mat. Hold for up to three minutes. Gently walk hands back to body, bringing torso upright, keeping spine long. Bend knees and bring legs back together into staff pose.
Benefits: Stretches hamstrings alves, elongates the spine.
Modifications: Put padding under the sit bones if necessary.

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