How To Make A Good Biryani?


Tips for making a good biryani

You first need to marinate chicken or other meat in spices and yogurt for 4 hours or more. Similarly, you need to soak good quality of Basmati rice in water for at least an hour and rinse it thoroughly. You also need to fry sliced onions till they are golden brown and crispy. Then, when you are ready for preparing the biryani, you should parboil the basmati rice till it is 75% done.

As a next step you should fry the marinated meat along with the crispy onions for a few minutes – taking care that it is not completely cooked.  Then you should layer the cooked meat and parboiled rice in a thick bottomed pot. By arranging the meat and rice in layers, we ensure that the flavors will be distributed properly throughout the biryani and it will enhance the quality of your biryani. While cooking the biryani, remeber that, you should cook the mixture of rice and meat in a Dum over very low flame. In traditional biryanis, this is achieved by wood fire or charcoal fire. By putting your biryani in layers, you will have its every bite with various balanced flavors and the perfect texture which is always unique, surprising and intense.

Use less oil in frying the meat

When you are cooking the meat with spices, use as little oil or ghee as possible. You will find the oil has released and coming  towards the top of the pot. Basically, this oil contains all the rich flavors since it has been simmering for long time with a variety spices. Exta oil should be removed because, if it is left in the biryani, the meat will become too oily when you serve your dish and when you redistribute this oil into the biryani, it will allow you to balance all the flavors of your dish.

Use Meat with bones in Biryani

Unfortunately, many people do not use the meat bones of chicken or lamb to flavor their biryani. You should start cooking biryani with bones if you don’t. You can use the bones in the meat to impart deep flavors from meat to entire biryani. You should always use the boned meat for marinating.

Balance the flavors

Most biryanis contain ingredients such as ginger, garlic, chili powder, onion, and other exotic spices; and they should be balanced well to complement each other.  So, towards the end of frying the marinated meat, you may need to add yogurt, coconut and other herbs to offset the strong spices in the  masala of biryani. This mixture will balance flavors of the biryani and ensure that the biryani is not too spicy or hot. You should add these ingredients to the biryani towards the end of cooking the meat, because if you add them in early stage of cooking, they may get overcooked.

Biryani is the most traditional and popular dish of India and the Master Chefs from kitchens of Nawabs and Mughals made this special dish for the kings and their army. Now with these tips you can make a delicious biryani at your home and feel like a king!

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