Corpse Pose (savasana)


Also known as final relaxation pose, savasana pose is a key part of asana practice. Lie down on your mat, allowing space between the feet, and feet falling away from center. Arms down, palms up. Relax the body from head to toe, releasing tension, allowing muscles to melt into the mat. Breathe naturally. To come out of the pose, bring awareness to the body by gently moving the fingers and toes. When ready, bring knees to chest, gently roll to your side, and then gently push up to sitting position.
Benefits: allows deep relaxation to integrate asana practice with the mind after class
Contraindications: none


Supported child or frog pose


Begin sitting on feet. Open knees pointing them outward with toes pointing inward. Lean forward onto a bolster or pillow for support.
Relax and breathe 3-10 minutes.
Benefits: improves blood circulation and opens up hips and groins. Eases tension in back.
Contraindications: knee pain/injury and hip pain

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